A Mother-Daughter Journey through Autism, ADHD, and More

April 10, 2024

Two years ago, before we understood all that we do now, we were making our way through a very difficult time with our daughter. She was self-harming, and as it is for all families supporting children who have this disposition, we were frantic to help. She was just plain as day, telling me her problem and the solution as though to say, “I am thirsty and am getting a juice box about it.” She said, “Mom, this is where I put the nail so that my bad brains could come…

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Four Kids, One Autism Diagnosis: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected

April 9, 2024

I never thought I would have four kids. I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared that before. I thought two, maybe three. But four? It still surprises me sometimes. Four is loud. Four is chaotic. Four is wonderful. Four is fulfilling. A few days ago on Easter I woke up first. Which most definitely surprised me because as my two middles went to sleep last night I heard them plotting to wake up early to catch the Easter bunny. As I got the coffee going my third son came downstairs.…

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A Walk with Sawyer: Parenthood’s Unexpected Turns

April 7, 2024

I took two of my kids on a walk this morning. It’s our first real spring like day in Minnesota. Sawyer rode his bike and I pushed the little one in the stroller. Five minutes in, Sawyer’s bike tire popped. Like dramatically. Like in a cartoon. WHOOOSH the air blew out. His face fell. A popped tire was not in his plans. I told him that we would park his bike in the neighbor’s yard so we could get our walk in. As his mom, I knew his wiggles needed…

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Things I Would Have Told Myself to Prepare for Autism

April 5, 2024

Autism Spectrum Disorder became a constant companion in our life one April day a five years back. I think back to that day and realize both how naive and how unprepared I was for the journey ahead. There are a lot of things I would go back and tell myself on that day that I sat with tear-filled eyes not knowing which way was up. These are just a few I would tell myself or a new mama sitting in the dark with a fresh diagnosis… First, take a deep…

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When You Have a Child Diagnosed With Autism

April 4, 2024

When you have a child diagnosed with autism, it’s not about you as the parent. At least that’s what we are told. Your sole focus becomes helping your child. Getting them the help they need. Services. Supports. Therapies. Education. And so on. That’s the role of a parent. And that’s how it should be. But one part that is overlooked, I think, is the evolution of the parent. Their journey. And the patience that should be given to them when everything changes suddenly. It’s not easy ya know. Stepping off…

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Advocating for Vulnerable Voices

April 2, 2024

When you don’t have a child with a disability, you don’t think too much about it. Until your life is touched by it, you think about it differently; it’s personal. Of course, everyone knows there are individuals with disabilities, but it’s not directly affecting your life. There is not much you can do anyway. That is where you are wrong. We need to stand and advocate for everyone, especially those who are vulnerable. We have come a long way in the way we treat and think about those with disabilities.…

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Lessons from My Son: Life’s Unknown Paths with Autism

April 1, 2024

I could tell you a hundred things this kid has taught me in his thirteen years. More than most adults I know honestly. I had no idea when I was pregnant with my first born that he would end up being the teacher that I needed. Or that a child would turn me into the person I was meant to be. Funny to think about how I actually fought it at first. See, that’s the fear of the unknown. It’s a natural human reaction I suppose. I was scared. It’s…

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The Unveiling of Autism

March 28, 2024

There comes a day where you realize that admitting autism is hard isn’t a choice you have to make, but rather it’s a moment in time where the struggle of special needs parenting goes from secret to unable to mask it any longer. This switch happens when people start to recognize meltdowns that are no longer age appropriate, and it feels like every eye is on you. It happens when aggression kicks in to your daily life, and you realize there isn’t a safe space to go anymore because your…

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Three Very Different Boys at a Park

March 27, 2024

At the park last night, one of these boys played with boys his own age. He went up the slide and scaled the jungle gym like an acrobat. One of these boys chased after the older boys. They tickled him and he loved the attention. He went down the slide a hundred times and said…’mommy watch this!’ The other boy felt the mulch with his fingers, went down the slide twice because his mom asked him too, and spent the majority of his time tapping the metal garbage can and…

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Piece by Piece: A Journey Through Autism Parenthood

March 27, 2024

Have you ever purchased a very challenging jigsaw puzzle just for the sheer joy and feeling of accomplishment you’ll get once you’ve successfully assembled it? The larger the quantity of pieces the better right? As I stare at those 5,000 pieces dumped onto my counter top and begin sorting and flipping them over, it becomes overwhelming that each individual piece doesn’t tell me anything about the completed picture. Where do I start? Is the best method for success gathering the corner & edge pieces to form an outline or should…

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