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A few years ago, I created a space…a space that I needed. A space for families like mine to come together online. We chat, laugh, cry, and support each other. It’s called Coop’s Troop and it is a paid subscription group on Facebook.

Which means, Facebook charges a small fee to be a part of the group. I’ll be honest with you…I was scared to start a paid group. I thought, no one will ever join. But I did it. I did it because I couldn’t take the bullying and shaming that is done towards families with special needs online. And this mama needed a safe space.

Overnight the group grew and over the years it has evolved into a living, thriving community. We connect daily. We educate, ask questions, give support. We have optional components as well. Wellness, faith, gifting, small business, blogging, even a group for dads. And we have in-person events when we can. And when we can’t, we connect you via zoom on a variety of topics. Come join us.

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Member's Talk About Coop's Troop

"I found Kate and Finding Cooper's Voice right before my son was diagnosed. Then once he was officially, I joined Coop's Troops, Kates's supporter group on Facebook. IT HAS SAVED MY LIFE. I am serious. I ask questions. I laugh. I cry. I vent. And everyone understands. I finally found my people."


“My daughter is in her teens. She is nonverbal and for so many years I have felt alone. I lost a lot of friends when she was diagnosed, and it only got worse as she aged because we couldn't attend events. I was hesitant to join Coop's Troops but it was the best thing I have ever done. I have made so many friends...real friends...that I text, call, and facetime with. I don't feel so alone anymore.”


"The events are my favorite. I live in Minnesota and love going to the events that she hosts. My kids have even made friends!"

"I wish I could put into words what Kate's lives mean to me. Her kids and husband have become like my family. And without her, I would feel so alone. It's just so nice to have someone who normalizes me life."

"This group has been my saving grace, knowing that there are others out there going down the same path help more than anything else."