The More Than Project

Small Business Spotlight

Welcome to The More Than Project's Small Business Spotlight!

In the month of November, we will be shining a spotlight on businesses either founded by an individual with a disability or one that employs individual with disabilities. Our mission is to show you the amazing products they create as well as bring awareness of the possibilities. In return we hope you shop and support these amazing individuals.


Treats By William - Made With a Pinch of Love

Treats by William was founded by a young, Autistic boy named William, whose dog Gypsy has been instrumental in managing his autism, anxiety and PTSD. With his mom, this 14-year-old superstar, creates all natural, human grade, nutrient dense, preservative free treats, so that his best friend can live “forever.“ Click the link below to shop Treats by William. Please type “More Than” into the notes section so 10% of orders can be donated to The More Than Project. 


Alex the Artist

Alex the Artist was founded by Alex Schlueter, a special young man who loves to create striking artwork and sharing his art with others. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at age 3, Alex has grown into a loving, fun and happy young man who has inspired his family, friends and the angels on this earth who have helped him on his journey through school, life-skills training – and art. Click the link below to shop Alex the Artist and support The More Than Project. 


The Spotlight Project

The Spotlight Project is a bracelet company with the mission of raising employment for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. We aim to shine a light on their amazing talents and positive contributions to the workforce, with the goal of inspiring other companies to follow in our footsteps. Each bracelet we sell is a progression of a previously learned skill, providing tangible proof that people with a disability can not only master a skill but they can continue to learn new skills. Our home base is New York however we have a team in California and an employee in Florida. Use the code TISTHESEASON for 30% off and to support The More Than Project. 

kindness matters

Little Rebels with a Cause

Lauren started this clothing brand with my sweet boy in mind.  It was clear from the beginning that there was little (no) control to be had over his autism diagnosis at age three, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my little warrior anyway. But I would change his struggle. I would take away the hard that he faces each day if I could. I decided we were going to have to change the world instead. I want my sweet boy to be met with kindness, patience, grace, and encouragement as he moves through this world a little differently than most. Our shirt designs have quickly morphed into much more than this boy. We believe words are important, and we hope our tees spark valuable conversations around kindness + inclusion in your communities. Thank you for celebrating unique, beautiful humans with us. Use the code COOPER10 for 10% off and to donate 10% to The More Than Project at checkout. 



Cards by Jakob

Jakob lives in an agri-community near Cincinnati, Oh with his mom, dog and 9 cats. His grandma lives next door. Jakob has always loved drawing, coloring, sending and receiving cards, and making trips to the post office. So we decided to take all of those things and turn them into a business for him. He recently told us that packaging his cards is his favorite part because he loves "helping send smiles." His dream is to grow the business so big that he can hire some of his friends who also have disabilities. Jakob designs all the art freehand. He has lots of greeting cards, including Christmas, Birthday, Thank You's, Postcards, and Notecards. He also has an awesome 2024 Calendar, a RELAX Coloring Book, and Holiday Hoodies and Tees. Use the code MORETHAN to support The More Than Project at check out. 
Grace Place Art

GracePlace Art

Grace is a young lady with Down syndrome who loves art. Learning new techniques with Mom and practicing her favorites on her own has become one of her most loved pastimes. Grace is the co-founder and Artist at GracePlace Art, a small online art business she and her mom started in 2020. The hope was to give Grace a platform to share her art that would also support her learning and growth over the years. The GracePlace Art mission is to empower Grace and the Down syndrome/special needs communities at large, raising awareness, promoting kindness and inclusion, and inspiring people of all abilities to follow their dreams, no matter how wild!  Use the code MORETHANPROJECT to support The More Than Project at check out. 


Trev's Trades

Trevor is a young man with multiple disabilities including Autism.  Trev’s Trades Soaps - Where autism meets potential is a job skills training program aimed at turning Trevor’s artisanal soaps into an opportunity for meaningful employment. Through sharing his story, Trevor hopes to highlight the ability of individuals with disabilities and inspire others to follow their dreams.


Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me is a space where Amanda Owen connects with others in the disability community, offering insight from her unique perspective as a sibling, service provider and caretaker. She believes in the power of community and that we all need to build our village of support. That is why she has created many pieces to help inspire others navigating the journey of special needs. From a Gratitude Journal for special needs moms to an inspirational line of jewelry that reminds women to "be..." who they dream of being to children's books that help teach neurotypical children the power and importance of inclusion – Amanda has curated a collection of meaningful and inspirational gifts. She would love to connect with you and be a part of your village! Use the code MORETHAN at checkout for 20% off and to support The More Than Project. 

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Drawings by Trent, LLC

Trent was diagnosed with severe autism at two years old. Around that same time, Trent picked up a pen and started drawing. It was incredible from the very start! At about four years old Trent began to display violent bouts of aggression. During those difficult years, Trent continued to draw but the aggression, changing schools several times, therapies, and his siblings' school events made it difficult to do much else. In 2016, Trent's first drawing video went viral. Trent’s first coloring book was developed around that same time, then shirts, and other items followed. In 2021, Trent's TikTok account took off and we realized Drawings by Trent could provide for Trent's future, teach him valuable job skills, and bring joy to millions of people all over the world! Drawings by Trent is run by his family with all products featuring drawings by the incredible artist, Trent!