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  • Does Autism Last Forever?

    A few days ago, my middle son Sawyer and I took a drive to meet Grandma and Grandpa. They had the baby overnight so this mama could finally sleep through the night. It was delightful. I slept 12 hours. Anyhow, the drive was just under 45 minutes which means 45 minutes that I get to hear about Pokémon cards, hockey,…

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  • The Day My Son Hit Me

    Autism is a spectrum. My son Jayden is on the severe end of that spectrum but what I always have held on to is the fact that he has never… Read More

  • A Real Tinder Profile

    When we are younger, dating and know everything, we are looking for certain things in a partner. Obviously, someone we are sexually attracted too. Someone with a good sense of… Read More

  • What is it like to be Non-Speaking?

    I have no words to describe what your experience must be like. I have no words, because I simply don’t know what it’s like. Only you know, my sweet boy. … Read More

  • I Can’t Ever Die

    I’m not sad about our lives. It’s never been sadness. Its been sheer terror. I have been terrified. What will his life be? We are so close to adulthood. What… Read More

  • The Kindness of a Mom who Gets it

    My husband’s team lost their football game Friday night. It was a tough loss to a rival and I know many people would love to forget it ever happened, but… Read More

  • I Will Carry Cooper Mama

    When Sawyer was three he asked me if we could go to a fair. I of course said…’yes, but we have to wait until summer.’ Per the usual he said… Read More

  • Good People Don’t Bully Other Parents

    Parenting a child with a disability is not a competition to see who has the highest functioning kid or the most severe kid. It’s not about bullying a fellow parent… Read More

  • The Heartache of Early Autism

    A high-pitched, eardrum-puncturing, almost inhuman scream came from behind me. The sound quickly filled the room and immediately pierced my heart. Instead of turning around, I reached for the door handle, shut the… Read More

  • Bad Timing

    Want to hear about bad timing? My nephew, my little sister’s first child was born around 4 am on August 7, 2014. At 10 am that morning I was told… Read More

  • A Message From Your Child’s Occupational Therapist

    Dear Parents,  I remember the first mother who told me it broke her heart that her little boy couldn’t tell her about his day at school. I thought about it… Read More

  • I Need You Too

    Since the day you were born, I knew that being a Mom was my purpose in life. I loved every single moment. The late nights, the cuddling, even the poopy… Read More

  • My Promise to my Son

    My son, I have never met a person who works as hard as you just to live in this world. I think so often we forget that this place simply… Read More

  • My Special Needs Truths

    To the people that live outside of the special needs world. Here are my truths: Parenting is hard. So is special needs parenting. I’m allowed to say that both are… Read More

  • We Made A Bucket List

    I have a bucket list. I used to think such things were cliche and cheesy and what does it really do anyway?  And then, at 24, I became a mom.… Read More

  • An Open Letter to the Parent of a Child with a Disability

    Dear Parent of a Child with a Disability, I saw you today at the local children’s hospital. Your body looked worn from the long days of countless appointments, multiple doctor… Read More

  • Thank You to the People Who See My Son

    I want to thank the people who see my son. The people who ask how he is doing. Who on a Facetime say, ‘Let me see the boys. And Cooper… Read More

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About Me
About Me

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. Welcome to my page!


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