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  • He is Doing His Best

    Last night we visited an arcade. It was a big adventure for our little family. Our middle son loves all things game. The baby loves tagging after his older brother. And Cooper, our eldest son, he is just starting to take in the world outside of our home. He is ten years old. He loves trains and postcards with animals…

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  • Road Trip

    We are headed to a pool and our three boys are so excited. We have a long drive ahead of us…3 hours! In Sawyer’s mind that’s ‘like two whole days!’… Read More

  • The Importance of Being Present

    Last week I brought my son to his hockey practice. It had been a long day and honestly I was so excited to sit in the bleachers, put my feet… Read More

  • Trying to Stop Time

    My son, Your birthday is in 8 days. You have been counting down since mid December. You love your birthday. And you love being older. So much so that you… Read More

  • Let’s Lower the Bar for a Minute, Shall We?

    Yesterday I got the email from a special education teacher. “You’re daughter is getting an F in math”.  But my mind is far from academics at the moment.  My mind is on the ortho… Read More

  • Mothers Feel an Intimate Connection to Their Nonverbal Children

    From the moment you get news of a baby on the way, Mother’s focus is on the best way to take care of this beautiful little human. We read books,… Read More

  • What Autism Brings Us

    Hi. My name is Carrie.  I have five kids, and my second son has autism. His name is Jack. He is sixteen years old.  For me, autism brings a trifecta… Read More

  • I Don’t Mind You Staring At My Brother’s Disability

    Living 36 years of my life having a brother with a disability has made me embrace the things I can’t change.  Being the sibling of a brother with a disability… Read More

  • Thank you for Always Having Your Brother’s Back

    Dear Jonah, You’re 11 today! How time has flown! There were a million things I wanted to write to you on your birthday card this morning but didn’t want to… Read More

  • Building an Autism Bridge Between Generations

    There’s a meme that’s been circulating Facebook this week. It reads: ‘In my day, they didn’t have all this Autism and ADHD and stuff.’ ‘I think what you mean is… Read More

  • The Real of Autism

    Hi, my name is Adrian and I am accused of being an over-sharer. I concede. While I’m sure many do not relish my photographic exploits (particularly of myself), sharing terrible… Read More

  • Light at the End of the Tunnel

    The comment read, ‘for some families, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.’ I thought about it all night. And when my toddler woke up at midnight… Read More

  • We Figured it Out

    I don’t consider myself to be an expert in parenting. Or an expert in anything really. I don’t always do the right thing or handle every bump in the road… Read More

  • The World is so Different

    Last night, over dinner, my 7-year-old asked why the people did bad things at the capitol. I was a bit taken aback by his question. I didn’t know he knew… Read More

  • It Wasn’t You

    My son, This morning you happily went to school. That sentence right there. I felt the tears pooling in my eyes as I typed it just seconds ago. Happily. Went.… Read More

  • It’s Different for the Dads

    I imagine it’s different for the dads. The dads like my husband. Last night I sat in the bleachers of a cold hockey rink watching my middle son play hockey.… Read More

  • Waiting for School

    The sweet email said…’Cooper has been on my mind all day! How was his first day back to school?’ I’ll admit I teared up a bit as I read her… Read More

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About Me
About Me

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. Welcome to my page!


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