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  • A Life Meant Just for Us

    A few days ago, I was watching a fellow special needs mom story on Instagram. Like most day’s she was giving a real insight on what it’s like to raise multiple kiddos on the Autism spectrum. She was asked what would be her advice to the parent of a child who was recently diagnosed. What she said next about grief…

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  • Being a Light for Others

    This newspaper article has been hanging on my fridge since my son E was five years old. And it will stay there forever. It is the fourth interview I did… Read More

  • A Glimpse Into the Non-Speaking World

    My son is nonverbal. Although I’m not supposed to use that term anymore. The preferred term is ‘non-speaking.’ I am tired of arguing about descriptions so I will just explain.… Read More

  • He Gets Different and More

    Sawyer, my eight year old, is the sweetest older brother. He holds his sister, he kisses her every morning, before bed, and when he leaves the house. He counted down… Read More

  • The Baby Phase

    My baby is two weeks old today. As of 12:22 pm she has been apart of this family for 14 whole days. Which means 14 days ago I was pregnant.… Read More

  • I Wish I Could Have Told You

    I think about you sometimes mama. 28 years old. You just had your first baby. You named him Cooper months before he was born. You painted his nursery blue. You… Read More

  • Little Adventures

    We just went on our first outing as a family of six. We actually planned to go on Friday. And then Saturday. And finally we made it today. It took… Read More

  • A Letter to My Son and His Friends, Graduates of the Class of 2021

    Congratulations, graduates!  Not only have you graduated in the midst of a global pandemic under extreme circumstances of social isolation, strict quarantines, and frequent cancellations; but you have done so… Read More

  • The Words I Couldn’t Say

    Last night, when the mosquitoes stirred on our damp lawn, Willow stirred too. I asked her to grab her sandals and we went for a walk. We walked to the… Read More

  • You’re a Champion

    Today I was going through some pictures from last year, and this memory came up of you the morning before your first race for the Special Olympics. Second place. That’s… Read More

  • The Autism Sibling

    Many nights I lay awake wondering if you will be okay… I know you feel alone, but you’re not alone. I am here with you. I know you are scared,… Read More

  • Some Don’t Follow the Beaten Path

    Some kids never follow the beaten path…Whether it’s from birth or from a later date, some kids don’t follow the beaten path. They don’t meet milestones on time. They don’t… Read More

  • Losing His Normal

    Summertime is different for some kids… So many of you are asking me about Cooper’s summer plans. A valid question. He finished up school yesterday. He is now officially a… Read More

  • Moments of Chaos

    We are a week into this family of six thing. And while I did everything I possibly could to prepare our boys and selves for our newest addition, it’s still… Read More

  • You are a Gift to all of Us

    Dear Daughter, You are such a light in our lives and in the world. You are smart, strong, beautiful and have a heart of gold. You are full of compassion… Read More

  • When I Dream I Hear Your Voice

    When I dream, I hear your voice. The sweet song that will be snatched away by the light of day and eyes awake. You tell me stories of your life,… Read More

  • Helping Your Children Find Their Way

    When your son shouts “Shopping!” at 6:50am, you forget about a lie in, pull on yesterday’s joggers, and get your son dressed. You react to a verbal request with no… Read More

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About Me

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. Welcome to my page!


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