Fine Motor Skills in Toddlers

January 21, 2014

There are so many different pieces of Cooper’s delays that I often just lump them together because I get so overwhelmed when I think about each part individually. But now that Sawyer is here and developing on a typical path I can’t believe how many things I should have noticed. Cooper met all of his beginning milestones right on time and because he met all of these milestones on time I really didn’t pay attention to the rest.  Holding his head up, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing, walking and then…

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Life with Boys

January 18, 2014

I attempted to try the whole potty training this again yesterday. Cooper isn’t quite ready yet but I want to make sure he comfortable with the potty, underwear and all that goes along with it. So yesterday he was pretty stoked to wear his Thomas the Train underwear. Actually, he got to wear 5 different pairs because he peed through them all. Lucky boy! And lucky mama! I wanted to share with you some of the sentences this mama said out loud yesterday. Sentences Only A Mother of a Boy Could…

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Instead of Answers We Have More Questions

January 16, 2014

Yesterday was really tough. And for more than one reason. I actually thought about sugar-coating it because I feel like lately I have been posting such bad/sad stuff. But if we can’t be honest in our blog what hope do we have! A guy that I went to college with committed suicide last week and the funeral was yesterday. Tuesday night the whole gang from college got together. It was one of those moments where you haven’t seen each other for 10 years and all of a sudden you are best…

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Another Baby

January 14, 2014

Hubs was feeding Sawyer a bottle the other day and I made a comment about how cute they looked. Hubs said, “well, this is most likely my last baby so I want to soak it up.” STAB TO THE HEART. In another life I would have had 4 or 5 babies. I love babies. All I ever wanted to be was a mom. I love being pregnant and the excitement of waiting to meet the new love of my life. I love the baby grunts and the smell and nursing and…

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What If My Son Never Talks?

January 13, 2014

I tell myself on a daily basis that Cooper might not talk. I have too…for me. (This is one of my freak out posts.) I am pretty sure it is a defense mechanism. I have even started saying it to my parents. It’s like I almost need to shock them or something. But not to be mean or hurtful. I need them to get it. I need them to understand that this is really, really serious. On a scale of 1 to Oh My God this is Oh My God plus one.…

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A Big Week Ahead

January 13, 2014

We had another excellent weekend. I could start getting used to this! I’ve heard from lots of other moms that their kids really started to grow up at age 3 and I can say that I am seeing lots of changes in Cooper. We had our big family Christmas on Saturday at a water park and let’s say we learned that Cooper is half-fish. He spent so much time in the water I didn’t know if the pruning would ever go away. I get very, very nervous for events like this…

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Diagnosing Apraxia

January 9, 2014

Due to the holiday and the insane deep freeze that Minnesota has been in for over a week, Cooper had his first speech appointment yesterday in 3 weeks. I have been like a new woman without speech. First, no running around. One thing that no one tells you when your child has needs is that you will spend most of your time driving your child to and from appointments.  I was really getting resentful of the running around so 3 weeks off was an amazing break. Secondly, and most important, we had no…

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The Never Ending Medical Debt

January 6, 2014

My husband jokes that he paid for health insurance his whole life and never used it until he met me. Hubs never gets sick. Never has a cold or the flu. He is like a freak of nature. Like clockwork I get sick every change of the season. So yes, it’s true. He knew nothing of doctor’s offices or EOB’s or medical debt until we started the baby journey. Hubs and I were married a little over a year when we first found out we were pregnant. And less than 2 months later…

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How We Help Cooper To Reach His Milestones

January 2, 2014

I remember the day well that I learned how far behind Cooper was in his receptive understanding. Now, I always knew his spoken language was extremely delayed but I never really knew that his understanding was behind as well. I guess I always thought they went together. How could his understanding be normal when his language was at that of a 6 month old. Well, I was wrong for the 1 billionth time in my life. Some kids are behind in both areas and some kids in just one area. The day…

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Late Talker or Apraxia

December 31, 2013

I think I mentioned before that I joined an Apraxia Facebook Group. It has been really beneficial for me to read about other kids like Cooper. Throughout this whole journey I am constantly searching for another mom who is going through what I am. I need to find a kid that doesn’t have any words at age 3. I scour blogs, groups, pinterest, YouTube, anything that I can find. All I want is to find someone who has went through this or still is going through this. I don’t want…

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