We Will Not Silence Our Autistic Son


We will not silence him.

It is so hard for some people to realize that Kyle is not defined by his diagnosis.
That’s not all that he is. It’s only a small part of him.
He really doesn’t make any more noise than other children.
Just because his noises aren’t concrete words that doesn’t make him noisy.
He has his own way of communicating with us. It doesn’t make it bad or wrong. He is working on making his sounds something someone can understand.
Who says how he talks is wrong? Why are we labeled as different? Why is he treated differently?

My child deserves to be treated like any other child.

He deserves the same opportunities as all children.
He deserves love, attention and compassion.
Kyle is energetic but so are other children his age.
Kyle likes to push buttons just like any other child.
Kyle loves to smile and laugh loudly.
Kyle wants to express himself and he does, you just have to listen to him with more than your ears.
Kyle understands everything we say to him and will respond in his own way.
Let’s praise children like Kyle and all children who express themselves to us differently.
When a child tries to ask a question or talk to us we don’t silence them.
Why do people think Kyle needs to be silenced?
He will not be silenced!
Can you imagine me turning to someone in a store who has a little child talking to them and giving them a dirty look because I can hear them?
Can you imagine me asking a parent to tell their child to stop talking or to quiet down because I don’t want to listen to them?
He won’t be silenced.
You can’t keep him quiet.
We won’t tremble when you try it.
All I know is he won’t go speechless.
And when his words fail him, remember I have mine.
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Alicia Kiechle

My name is Alicia Kiechle. I am a proud mother of two amazing kids. I have a beautiful daughter named Morgan who is 9 years old and I have an energetic son Kyle who is 6 years old. Kyle was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and is currently nonverbal. Kyle has opened my eyes to a whole new world and a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Love needs no words!” I am also a Reading Specialist in an all-inclusive elementary school, and I have taken on the role as the autism advocate and coach within the building. I started this group because when my son was first diagnosed at the age of two, I had no one in my life who could understand what I was going through until I found a few autism blogs online that changed my life. So, in return, I want to help other autism parents like myself by sharing our journey, so they don’t feel so alone like I did at first. I want to help teach everyone to always choose kindness and to “Be Kind For Kyle.”

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  1. Joanne Spooner on September 9, 2022 at 9:41 am

    So awesome! Thank you for sharing your amazing story!

  2. Laurie Goldstein on September 19, 2022 at 8:16 pm

    Love this!! A friend and I were just talking about this very thing today! Our boys with autism (teenagers) also have a lot to say, loudly, sometimes with words, sometimes just with sounds. We get a lot of looks. 😔

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