As School Starts Teach Your Kids to Be Kind


Before your kids go back to school…

Talk to them about being kind. Being a friend. Be generous. Being a kind human.


Back when I was only 10 years ago old a new school opened up in my hometown, and I was transferred there for my last two years in elementary school.

I had just gotten glasses, and did not know anyone at my new school.

I was what many kids would call a geek.

The kids at this school came from a nicer part of town where they all wore name brand clothes. While I wore hand me downs, or clothes from the discount retailer.

As school started, it was apparent that I did not fit in. And the kids in my class made it well known.

My clearest memory of 5th grade was the day I was chosen to be line leader.

As I stood in front next to the other line leader, the whole class got in line, but no one got in my line.

It was crushing.

The teasing and bullying continued until I came home crying to my mom. My mom was shocked, and immediately called my teacher.  My teacher listened and then observed how I was being treated the next day.

She couldn’t believe it. She had missed seeing how cruel my classmates were to me.

Each student was forced to write an apology letter to me.

But you know what stung the most?

Some of the students in that class attended my church. Kids and parents I grew up knowing. Kids who were raised like me, to be kind to others.

So, as your kids go back to school, please talk to them. Remind them to be kind.

Also remember kids like my boys.

My boys, who both have Autism and are vulnerable to being teased.

My boys, who would not be able to fully communicate to us if this was happening at school.

Please ask your kiddos to look out for their classmates, the ones who are bullied, especially the most vulnerable students.

Just ask your kiddo, to just be kind.

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Robyn DeMars

Hello! My name is Robyn, I call MN my home, where I am a coffee loving wife and mother to my 6 kids. My two oldest boys have Autism, and I advocate for them every day. You can follow our journey on Facebook at: And on Instagram at: @stixandfuzzies

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