Hi, I’m Ben and I’m Autistic

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This story was shared with me by one of the women in my Supporter group. Grab a tissue.

Just a little story from yesterday.

I’m an Area Manager for a cleaning company and am always hiring. I had an interview yesterday with a young man named Ben. His Mom had called me before hand to tell me a little about him. He’s autistic and was nonverbal until age 12. He’s now 19 and she said she really didn’t want to waste my time but if I could just interview him because they are working on life skills and he needs practice. I said absolutely I’ll interview him!

Mom sat quietly at a table across the store and was beaming with pride.

We met at a Starbucks and it went as follows…..

Him: Hi, I’m Ben and I’m autistic.

Me: Hi, I’m Mary. (shook hands, he initiated)

Me: Do you have any experience cleaning?

Him: Yea, ma’am, I clean my room every day and even make my bed and I load all the plastic in the dishwasher and I put all the dishes in the sink and I take out the trash and wipe the trash can and I dust all the tables every day.

Me: Wow! That’s impressive! Do you do these things because you want to or because you have too.

Him: I do them because my Mom taught me how and she pays me on Friday.

Me: If I hire you do you think you could be on time and do your job, because being on time is very important to me.

Him: Oh, yes ma’am I will be on time every day.

Him: I can do anything that you teach me and show me and I can do it better than anyone else because I’m smart and I listen.

Me: (Gets out iPad and starts the hiring process and look over and Mom is crying happy silent tears and still beaming with pride.)

Me: Holding back tears, going through the hiring process…..

He starts Monday!!!!!

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