I’m Thankful For You: My Mom, My Best Friend

(Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Danielle and Noah and is part of Cooper’s, ‘I’m Thankful For You’ Campaign.)

This November I would like to thank my Mom, my best friend, and my rock.

This might be the hardest thing I have ever written. I have felt compelled to write this but knew it would be emotional for me because the person I would like to thank is my rock. She lifts me up when I’m weak and is always there for me, no matter what.

That amazing person is my mom. Some of us are very fortunate to call our moms our best friends, and I am one of them. I can tell my mom anything and everything and she is always supportive. My mom has been by my side during the hardest time of my life.

The first years with Noah have not been easy. I knew my little guy was different around nine months old. I had been around enough babies to know something was a little off with mine. One of the first things I noticed was that Noah was a sensory seeker. At a young age he was constantly bouncing, doing head stands, spinning and making loud sounds. Noah was also delayed with every milestone and we still haven’t had a first word…yet!

We received Noah’s diagnosis of ASD on October 20th of this year. There is so much confusion, denial, anger and despair. I might have been one of the few parents who wanted to get the diagnosis and was ready to hear those words but the truth is, I already knew. I’d known for a while. And I realized, after time, that the autism label didn’t really matter. My little guy is still the same amazing kid. I just needed to get the diagnosis to get him the right therapies.

My little guy is the funniest kid I know. He makes me laugh every single day without saying a word, which is pretty amazing and special if you ask me. Noah’s laugh and smile is so contagious. He makes me and the people around him so incredibly proud. All I want and hope for Noah is to be the best he can be.

Through it all my mom was always there. All of it. And she went through all the same emotions as me. She was the one I would spend hours talking with about how, ‘Noah wasn’t autistic‘, and how he definitely didn’t have the ‘A word.’

Although I’m a stay at home mom, my mother has never been told no when I ask her for help or need a break. And most of the time my requests are very last minute. She will run errands for me, pick up Noah’s supplements and go to doctor’s appointments with me. She’s patiently listened to me cry and break down over and over again. I’ve done it all with her by my side.

I often think about how far we’ve come on our autism journey. Autism was scary at first. Then, you start educating yourself and going through the process of acceptance. You become resilient and stronger. And then, I became a fighter and an advocate for my son. I created the FB page, Noahism, which Kate inspired me to do. I want to show the world that autism does not have to be a bad thing. Yes, it’s HARD and not what I had expected my life to be…but, I try to make the best of things and be a positive example for Noah.

I am beyond grateful for my mom, who loves Noah wholeheartedly. She accepts him for who he is and truly believes that he will make a difference in the world. Mom, my absolute best friend, thank you for everything you have and continue to do for me. I wouldn’t be the person, nor the mom I am today, without you. You truly are the best Grammy out there.

You can still nominate the doctors, therapists, teachers, friends and family that make a difference in your special needs world. Click HERE to learn how!

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