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  • The Big Reveal is Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow is the day! Finally! The big reveal of my book cover. I am so excited for you all to see it. Cooper and I will go live right here… Read More

  • White Knuckle Parenting

    I don’t want to be the mom who says no all the time. Or don’t do that. Or get down. Stop throwing. Why are you wet? Is that marker? What’s… Read More

  • Forever Boy Cover Reveal in Two Days!

    2 more days until my book cover is revealed! This photo was a strong contender and is one of my absolute favorites of the boys. We won this photo shoot… Read More

  • Come Read the Story of Us

    3 days until our book cover is revealed! Forever Boy will be released on April 5, 2022 but is available for presale now if you want to grab a copy!… Read More

  • Preorder Forever Boy Today

    Four more days until the cover of my book, Forever Boy, is revealed! It is available on Amazon now though for preorder! This photo is one of the runner ups… Read More

  • The Countdown is On!

    The countdown is officially on for the reveal of my book cover! Forever Boy is available for presale but the cover is still a secret until Monday. 5 days to… Read More

  • Let Them Show Us the Way

    When you have a child diagnosed with autism, at some point you will be told all the things they may never do or achieve. Whether it’s from a friend of… Read More

  • Kindness and Grace

    Let me set the scene for you… My husband and two of our boys plus baby get on the elevator. We are loud and busy. Our two year old is… Read More

  • Treasures

    I am doing a 25 days of autism photo challenge with Autism adventures with Alyssa on my Instagram page, Findingcoopersvoice. Today is day 19 for me. ‘Post a picture of… Read More

  • 4 Tips for a Successful Transition Back to School

    Transitioning back to school can be scary for all kids. For kids with autism it can feel downright terrifying. Especially after just settling into summer. Here are 4 tips I… Read More

  • Let Their Voices Ring: Empowering Your Child to Communicate

    Everyone deserves to be heard. Especially your child. Their thoughts call for respect. And to be able to communicate those thoughts is a fundamental human right. The beauty about communication… Read More

  • Worth the Wait

    There are really precious moments in life. Like when your father-in-law comes to find you to say… ‘Cooper and I just walked around the campground. He held my hand the… Read More

  • The Beauty of a Brother

    Laughter. You know the kind that comes deep from the belly? It’s the best. And when you hear it coming from someone else you immediately smile. Especially when it’s two… Read More

  • What is Your Sentence?

    Do you have a sentence that you say a million times a day? You say it so much it could be written on your tombstone. Here lies Kate. She is… Read More

  • Let’s Talk Nicknames

    Let’s talk nicknames. Do you have one for your child? Did you have one growing up? We adore nicknames over here. So much so that we use them more than… Read More

  • Are You Hearing This?

    My son Cooper doesn’t have a lot to say verbally. But he’s always communicating. Sometimes it’s a point or a wave. A sound. A facial expression. A click of a… Read More

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About Me

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. Welcome to my page!


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