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  • Both of My Children Are Normal

    “Is your daughter normal?” the nurse asked. “So far she’s developing typically,” I replied, The conversation moved on but I couldn’t shake the word “normal.” The word swirled around my… Read More

  • Adaptive Costumes are Changing Halloween for the Special Needs Community

    “And what does Whitman want to be this year for Halloween?!” I usually roll my eyes as the words hang in the air. In his almost seven years of life… Read More

  • The Hard Doesn’t Own Me

    We’re not supposed to complain. Special needs families, that is. The world calls you an ableist when you lament an ability or lack thereof. I’ve never felt this child of… Read More

  • The Six Foot Trick-or-Treater

    Hello! My name is Eileen and I blog over at Autism with a Side of Fries. This is my 16 year old autistic son. He still very much likes to Trick… Read More

  • We Are More

    You must be sad… I’ve heard that phrase a few times over the past couple weeks. You must be sad your son rides the shorter bus… You must be sad… Read More

  • Thank You For You

    Sawyer, I am writing down the stories of you so that someday, when you are older, we can look back together at them.———Sawyer, your brother Cooper started at your school… Read More

  • Stronger Than Anxiety

    Happy Sunday from this kid. We’ve had an interesting day. He asked me for a train guide from 2007. I told him I’d do my best but reminded him that… Read More

  • ‘I Want To Look Out For Him’

    Someone once said to me…’siblings to children with disabilities are not special. And they shouldn’t be treated as such.’ I’ll tell you this…in all my years of sharing on social… Read More

  • What Brings Him Joy

    I think a lot about the things that make this kid happy. And bring him joy. Because for a lot of years, the list was pretty small. It’s gotten bigger… Read More

  • The Joy Of Boat Rides

    Today our family went for a boat ride. When we finally docked after being on the water for a few hours, a sweet older gentleman walked by, saw our three… Read More

  • Achieving Independence

    I believe in honesty, transparency, and reality. So, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared about providing lifelong care to my son. And there are times when… Read More

  • Parents: Celebrate The Moments

    To the mama whose baby isn’t starting school today. To the parent who is wondering if they should take the picture. And wondering if they should celebrate just another day.… Read More

  • Looking Differently At Life

    When my son’s autism was discovered six years ago, I wasn’t ready to think about the future. Nope. I focused solely on the present and helping him. And it wasn’t… Read More

  • I’m Ready For Forever

    This morning I thought about forever…as we woke up before the sun and hurried to get ready to go find trains. This is what we do.  When you first find… Read More

  • Remember, Your Sister Talks to Angels

    Recently my daughter Sage who holds her feelings in like they never existed, who would rather use her fists to deal with hurt, broke.  Her sky blue eyes welled up… Read More

  • I Wonder What You Dream About

    I wonder what you dream about. That is, when you sleep hard enough to dream. I lay next to you some nights, when mom has to finish up her day’s… Read More

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About Me
About Me

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. Welcome to my page!


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