Pondering Perspectives with William: A Comfort Blanket For My Eyes


Anywhere between 5:30 am and 7 am, my door bursts open with a sleepy “morning mom” and a barrel roll into bed next to me. Autism rises with the sun, sometimes before.

I’m usually halfway through my cup of coffee, brewed 3 feet from my bed, with almond milk creamer from my tiny in-room fridge.

Don’t judge.

I’ve written in my gratitude journal, watched the news, and caught up on work.

It’s my only quiet, restful alone time aside from the evening after he’s asleep and before I pass out. That’s about an hour, if I’m lucky.

When I hear him sleepily faltering down the hall, I quickly change the channel.

Paw Patrol’s colorful animation illuminates the screen previously filled with weather fronts, sports, and, most recently, hate crimes.

He finds peace and comfort with the helpful, smiling, kind-hearted characters of his favorite show.

As the clock ticks closer to needing to be ready for his ride to school, I begin urging his descent to our lower level for morning routine necessities.

Bathroom time, feeding Gypsy, eating breakfast (if he hasn’t already had it in bed with an urgently constructed salami sandwich with way too much cheese and brown mustard), getting dressed, and watching for Mr. Mark or Mr. Guido to arrive in his private chariot.

Today took a lot of urging and negotiating.

Monday is not a favorite day. It’s gym class, and he just doesn’t like it, for a few reasons. And that’s okay.

He begged to watch the end of Paw Patrol, as he does every day. But as every day goes, I remind him that watching it to the end will make him late.

And then with self-awareness I’m beginning to hear more of these days, he says, “But Paw Patrol is a comfort blanket for my eyes.”

He heard it from another cartoon he watches but put together the meaning beautifully.

Now that’s really something to ponder.

What is a comfort blanket to your eyes that brings content and happiness even in your toughest moments?

William is my tour guide to a beautifully unique perspective in life, and I love him even more for that.

Written by Lisa Mate of Treats by William 

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Lisa Mate

Lisa Mate runs Treats by William: We are an autism family advocating for our son and that of the community in which we live. To create a safe space to lean in, open doors and bring acceptance and inclusion to all walks of life. While bringing light to life with autism. We strive to create independence through job skill training with our business for WIlliam and the special abilities community.

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