I Hope You Know: A Love Letter To My Autistic Daughter


My sweet Olivia,

I am writing this as a love letter to you. I have so many hopes for you as you walk your path in this life.

I hope you know that, although we were surprised to find out we were having you, from the moment you took your first breath, I said aloud,

“I am so happy we had you!”

I hope you know that I have been fighting and advocating for you since you were a newborn baby and that I will never stop. Even when I am old, tired, sick, and eventually no longer on this Earth, I will make sure someone else is by your side advocating and protecting you at all costs.

I hope you know that you have a family that adores you for exactly who you are.

I hope you know that you are incredibly smart. You have always known so much more than you were ever able to verbally articulate, but it always comes out in one form or another. There is so much in your beautiful mind.

I hope you know that you are blessed. Blessed to have a sister and brother that would go to the ends of the earth for you. They also do all the little things that matter, like writing sweet little notes to you because they know you know how to read. Or, reaching their hand out to grab yours as we walk through the store or a crowded street to ensure you are safe and cared for.

I hope you know that you have touched so many people in a truly impactful way.

We have formed bonds with some amazing educators and therapists all because of your bright light and free spirit.

I hope you know that you have a Mom and Dad who love you unconditionally and that you have changed us to our core. We are better because of you.

I hope you know that it is an honor and a privilege to walk this journey with such an extraordinary human being.

I hope you know that, although the words aren’t always spoken, I know you love me. I am your person. I have heard you repeat the words when I say them to you each day. I can see it in that gorgeous smile. I can feel it when you put your face against mine and give me long hugs throughout the day.

I hope you know, my precious girl, as your Grandma used to say, “I love you more.”

Love you always,


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Laura Simzyk

Hi! My name is Laura Simzyk. I reside in Arizona with my husband and three kids. Our youngest daughter Olivia has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. I am a stay-at-home Mom and caretaker for our daughter. I write about our journey on Facebook at Olivia's Extraordinary Journey.

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