Someone Asked Me When I Accepted Autism

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Someone asked me the other day when I accepted autism.

The mom asking was early into her autism journey and honestly wondering when the moment comes.

I could not answer. There was not a defining moment.

It took me years to come to terms with the direction our lives took and every day I figure it out a little more, but I don’t think I will ever fully accept it.

I will always wonder.

I am human.

That does not mean I do not accept my daughter for who she is, and it does not mean I am in denial.

But it does mean I wonder what life would be like without autism. What my daughter’s life would be like.

I could not tell that young mom when, but I could tell her that in her own time she will get here.

If I am being honest, I changed somewhere along the way of finding how I could cope with this day-to-day life.

And many times, I have cried in the shower wondering if it will always be this hard.

I share our lives on social media, but you only see a snapshot in time. Moments I choose to share.

Over the years I have struggled with what to share. When I began the world of blogging, I had no filter. I shared it all but over time pulled back out of respect and privacy for my daughter. And realizing how cruel people can be sitting behind a keyboard.

And judgmental.

Kya is a beautiful twelve-year-old little girl navigating a world that is not designed for her and everyday she walks into that world with a bravery few will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

I am thankful for all the wonderful words of encouragement given for my sweet girl and for me.

This is a journey I did not expect to be on, but I am thankful for the amazing people that support my girl.

And to that mama you will get there in your own time. In your child’s time. Keep believing and just keep moving forward.

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Jennifer Dunn

My name is Jennifer Dunn, I am the mother of a 12 year old girl with autism. Kya and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I work full-time and manage her therapies. I co-host the Table for Five, No Reservations podcast and write about our journey at

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