A List of the Things I Wish for My Autistic Son

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A list of the things I wish for you,

I hope you have big dreams my sweet boy.

I will be here to make them happen with you. We will chase them, and work for them, and celebrate every moment and success. I know that your life is going to be the greatest adventure I couldn’t have even imagined.

Bravery my brilliant boy.

I hope that one day you realize how much you inspire others. How many of us you have taught about the true meaning of bravery. I want you to know that even before you had words you have been my greatest teacher. I watch you live each day with the bravery to try again, to learn new things, and to never give up.

I hope you feel all of the love that you have put out into this world.

The love that has touched so many just because we all got to watch you be unapologetically you. You taught us to love without words, to treasure and see the tiniest details of this world that none of us noticed before you showed us. You’ve taught us all to marvel, and be thankful. You gave us the gift of a love that is beyond anything I could have imagined.

I want more than anything in this world for you to have friendships.

To laugh with others, and have someone to race on the playground. To tell jokes with, and watch trains. I hope you have belly laughs, and someone to come to all of your birthday parties. I hope you remember that your sister was your first friend. Your biggest cheerleader, and the one who taught you how to show kindness to others.

I hope you feel warmth and comfort when coming home.

That you know this space is always safe, that you enjoy being cozy under a blanket and relaxation. That you know doors are always open here, for anything you’ll ever need.

I hope you always feel inspired by trains, and snoopy, marble runs, roller coasters, the library, playground slides, and a million other things you find joyous and amazing.

I hope that one day you know how many people you have inspired to ask questions, be brave, learn about others with differences, be kind, and make the change to be more inclusive. You inspire me every single day to see the world in a new way. To love people more, to advocate harder, every day it’s because of you.

I want you to live your life with confidence.

The proudest moments of my life all revolve around celebrating you and your sweet sister. We are so amazed by the two of you and hope that one day you both see yourselves the way we do.

I hope that one day acceptance in this world looks a lot more like the way you live life and less like society’s definition.

You live with no judgment of others, you don’t gossip, you see every peer as a friend, and you wake up each morning as if it were going to be your best.
I have so much hope for you brave boy, I only hope the rest of the world is ready for your magic too.
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Amanda DeLuca

Amanda DeLuca lives in Ohio with her husband Sal, and is a mom of 2 to Monroe, and Jackson. Her son is on the autism spectrum and is what inspired her to begin her journey through advocacy in the IEP process. Amanda works in educational advocacy and proudly serves family both locally and remotely to empower them to come to the IEP table with confidence while working collaboratively with their team. Amanda is a business owner, proudly serves as board president for The More Than Project, enjoys teaching at her dance studio, and writing for her blog Jackson’s Journey, Jackson’s Voice.

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