White Knuckle Parenting

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I don’t want to be the mom who says no all the time.

Or don’t do that.

Or get down. Stop throwing. Why are you wet? Is that marker? What’s in your mouth?

But with this kid, this exasperating, adorable, super smart kid, it comes down to keeping him alive.

That’s my standard right now.

He climbs everything. Slides. Counters. He gets to the highest point and gets a twinkle in his eye and says…’mama, I jump!’

And my heart goes into my throat and I’m suddenly talking him off the ledge and scaling the structure myself.

He pours his own bowl of cereal if I don’t get it fast enough and pushes a chair to the microwave to make his own mac and cheese.

And when I do hand over hand showing him how to push the numbers he says…’mama, how do I get bigger? Cause I don’t need help I just can’t reach.’

He hides. And always finds water. And a hose. And makes mud.

He says a thousand words a minute and if he’s silent…watch out.

He brought a bull frog in the house the other day. It was seriously the size of his head. And as it leaped from his hands into my curtains he exclaimed…‘I got it for you mama! Because I ‘lub’ you!’

I have never screamed so loud. I always considered myself the chill mom until I came face to face with that frog.

This kid.

He’s going to tear my house apart brick my brick if I don’t keep him entertained.

I want to let him run free and explore but I also need my sanity. And to keep him safe. Because I’m quite certain he’s destined for amazing things.

These little humans who have us white knuckling this parenting stuff.

Run free. But go easy on us please. Maybe give us a few moments of rest and calm before you are onto the next thing. And into the next cupboard.

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Kate Swenson

Kate Swenson lives in Minnesota with her husband Jamie, and four children, Cooper, Sawyer, Harbor and Wynnie. Kate launched Finding Cooper's Voice from her couch while her now 11-year-old son Cooper was being diagnosed with autism. Back then it was a place to write. Today it is a living, thriving community of people who want to not only advocate for autism, but also make the world a better place for individuals with disabilities and their families. Her first book, Forever Boy, will be released, April 5, 2022.

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