We All Want What We Want, Exactly When We Want It.

83d42880092cd3b65b5bc5a071dab4f2Cooper has an opinion on everything. Every. Single. Thing. We. Do.

I get him a blue cup and he wants a red cup.

I put his snack in a blue bowl and he wants his Lightening McQueen Bowl.

For his snack he wants a few Cheerios, Chex Mix, Goldfish and 2 Vanilla Wafer Crackers. No compromise on this one.

He wants his Thomas shirt. Not his blue dinosaur shirt.

He doesn’t want to sit in his booster anymore. He wants to pick his chair and also pick where mom and dad sit.

He doesn’t want help out of his car seat anymore. He wants to do it himself until it comes to jumping down. Then he wants help. And heaven forbid you try to help him before.

He wants the exact combination of stuffed animals in his bed with three blankies and his milk. Oh, and don’t forget that he wants mom to lay her head on the blue pillow not the other one. Oh, and of course we have to read books and there is always time for ‘one more, please.’

And heaven forbid you walk away when we are playing trains. He will bring down the house.


Let me say that I am EXTATIC that Cooper is having these thoughts and opinions. And wanting to ‘share’ them with us. But WOW. If I get any of these wrong he lets me know immediately.

We give him choices for everything but there are times when it’s hard. Like when we are at dinner. Pointing to the kitchen doesn’t really get you much. So, we have to get up and walk him into the kitchen.

Just talk to me kiddo. I’ll buy you a car and a pony and a baseball team. Anything you want.


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