My Little Miracle Baby

I blinked.
I closed my eyes for that microscopic second and you grew.
Everyday when I watch you float through these halls, a whisper in my heart still sees you as that fragile, tiny soul weighing just a pound coming into this world.
I have to pinch myself back to reality watching you giggle so beautifully these days, as my body still tenses, remembering every sound from the ever-chiming hospital monitors.
I’ll never forget that warning sound.
It’s woven into my being.
I look at you, my beautiful boy, and I nearly forget that time has flown; eight years of it.
But then you hug me.
Then you learn a new task.
You try a new food.
You laugh at a cartoon.
You speak to us with your heart and smile, all day everyday, and I’m reminded just how miraculously perfect you are.
I snap back to reality.
You are here. You are safe.
You are absolutely amazing.
It would take me two lifetimes to describe just how loved you are, my sweet boy.
So for now I’ll just hold you, until you let me go.
I’ll open those fruit snacks, until you figure out the magic trick yourself.

I’ll pick you up for kitchen dancing, until my arms no longer can.
And I’ll sneak extra kisses when you’ve closed your eyes at night.
My little miracle. You are the absolute sunshine to our world.

BriAnna Olson

BriAnna is a humor-loving, nap-chasing Mom of a (now 7 year old) miracle little boy, named Beckett, and the wife of a Navy Veteran. Their family of three call Nebraska home, and work hard to encourage inclusion within their community. BriAnna has always found comfort in writing, and now fiercely advocates for her son, and all others, shining a bright light of love on their world of Autism. You can learn more about their family through her Blog, To Infinity & Beyond Words.

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