What Are You Going to Do When She is Older?


“What are you going to do when she is older?”

I have been getting asked this question a lot lately, and to be honest with you, this is what I battle with every day. 

All day, every day, these are the constant questions on my mind:

What? How? When? Where? Why? 

I am constantly trying to come up with all the answers to all the things for my daughter Jessa.

For instance:

Sippy Cup

Keeping her clothes on when we have visitors

Wearing Princess Dress-Up Costumes as Clothes






When I Die

I don’t even know what I’m doing with today or tomorrow, more or less in the future.



You see, having an autistic child-like Jessa means that you can try and plan as much as you want and try to be the most prepared, but just when you think you got it down, another curve ball is thrown your way.


This question doesn’t apply to parents with special needs; this is just everyday life.


So please, don’t ask me this question because I don’t have answers yet!


Yet, it is a small word, but it gives me perseverance, hope, and the fight to find the answers and get the help Jessa deserves.

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Julia Reyes

Julia has been a mom for 21 years. A young mom, a divorced mom, a single mom, a loved mom, a special needs mom, a broken mom, a loving mom, and most importantly, a mom who helps moms. Julia started writing about the Joy that Jessa brings to her life and all who Jessa meets. Since then, Julia has found a passion for advocating for families to provide them with guidance and support. Learn more about Julia and her family and their Journey by following Joy of Jessa on Facebook, Instagram, and

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