December Writing Challenge: Our Best or Hardest Autism Moment

A huge thank you to everyone that submitted a thank you in November. Please know that if you sent me one I will publish it. I have twenty or so to go! Each one is so beautiful. I hope the people you honored feel the love!

December’s Topic

This December I’d like you to write about your best or hardest autism moment. What was the moment that you remember above all the rest. The one that changed everything.

For me it was when I realized how funny Cooper is and how unique his personality is. Or when he kissed his baby brother for the first time. Or when I realized that this was forever.

Sharing your story can help so many other families to feel not so alone. I promise it will also be so therapeutic for you to write it out. I look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note:

  • Include a 2-3 sentence bio with your submission (social channels and blog hyperlinked, please!)
    • You can write anonymously if you’d like. Just note that.
  • A suggested post title
  • Paste your post directly in the body of your e-mail or send a word document. Do not send a PDF. If a post has previously run, please also include the link to where it appears online.
  • Readers LOVE photos! Please include 3-4 high resolution photos and a minimum of one landscape size (horizontal) photo for the featured image. Please send the original photograph rather than Instagram image.
  • Please keep blog post between 600 and 1,000 words.

Honest pieces do the best on my site. Life ain’t easy. Parenting is hard. Kids are exhausting. This mama loves the truth!

Email your submission to [email protected]. I will contact you if your work is being considered for use.

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