The Business Side of Autism

A good old fashioned Cooper and Kate video update with a whole lotta conversation around the business side of autism.

When my son was diagnosed with autism at age three, I was prepared for it to be hard. I knew there would be struggles and challenges. I even suspected it would be stressful and confusing. I wasn’t that naive. And I definitely knew it would be an emotional ride with ups and downs. But what I was not prepared for was the never ending paperwork, phone calls and appointments.

I thought the hardest fight I would have would be convincing myself that my son was autistic and that it was forever. I didn’t realize that once I got over the sting of that the real fight was getting benefits and help and ultimately keeping the benefits and help.

Every month I feel like I am needing to prove that my son has autism. Nope, it hasn’t gone away. Nope, we haven’t received a giant raise or lump sum of money. And nope, our life isn’t any easier. I understand due diligence.I truly do. And I understand checking boxes. But holy hell this is a lot of work. And it’s especially a lot of work to put on family with a disabled child.

I had no idea it was going to be like this. And I’m tired.

After that rant I touch on our visit to the Pediatric Dentist. It was a HUGE WIN. It also helped that the dentist was in a building that used to be a train station. Cooper knew instantly! He was pretty stoked. I finish up talking about the autism event we attended with the Washington County Police Department. Another HUGE WIN.

But with every win comes a struggle too. Cooper only wants me. He only needs me. He demands my time and 100% attention. At age six it’s getting harder and harder. And at so many times I feel like I am watching my other son from a distance. I miss so much with him. I see how independent it is making him too. Part of me is proud. Part of me is sad.

Welcome to the roller coaster friends.



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About Me

Hi, I'm Kate. I am the mother to a little boy with severe, nonverbal Autism. This is a glimpse into our heartwarming, sad, scary, funny, loving and secret world. Check out my video tab to hear me ramble about Autism.


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