With The Good Comes The Sad.

Certain things are getting better with Cooper and certain things are getting worse. And because of that we can’t seem to get our bearings. We NEED a language breakthrough so badly. Anything really. Just something to show us that it’s going to get better.

I have lots of positive from the weekend.

Cooper will now sit at the kitchen table in an actual chair and eat a meal. This. Is. Huge. Up until this point Cooper would never ever sit still unless he was in a booster seat. I am so excited about this. It shows me that he is gaining self control. Thank God. I’ve also noticed that he will sit down to watch a movie or play on his leap pad as well. Normally he has to be standing.

I also noticed this weekend that he has more of a desire to be around the center of activity. We were having dinner with family this weekend and Cooper hung out in the dining room the whole time. He even climbed into peoples laps while we were eating. It was pretty dang cute.

Cooper is also getting very comfortable climbing. And his brain is taking part as well. I watched him push a chair over the bookshelf so he could climb on it and get his flashcards. All new!

I know these are subtle improvements. But I have to get excited because they are few and far between these days. I also tried a sensory activity today with shaving cream. It went well. And by well I mean he participated the whole time while trashing my whole entire dining room. It looked like the center of a car wash when we were down.

This is my first Cooper video on the blog! I am well aware that I sound like a crazy person in this video but you get to see how dang cute he is!!!

There are other positives too. Cooper is learning every day. His social skills are improving daily. He loves to wrestle and tickle and is sleeping amazing. Oh, and he gave up his NUKS completely with absolutely no problem. You gotta love that.

And with the good comes the sad.

As much as Cooper loves his toys he just doesn’t have the patience to play with them. And it is so frustrating. If I was to pick the single hardest part about Cooper ‘issues’, I would have to pick his inability to play with anything for more than 5 seconds. (excluding technology, books and trains) I watched him today and noticed that he just sort of wanders around the house and never really commits to anything. Repetitious activity….HA…try the opposite.

And potty training is going awful. Today Cooper actually peed on the floor, slipped in it and fell. Ugh. We tried ALL WEEKEND LONG. He just doesn’t get it. We put him on the potty every 20 minutes and he refuses to pee. He would sit there all day I think. I am not shooting for the moon here…I am just trying to get him to dribble in the potty. And he refuses to do it. But, he LOVES his underwear and wants to wear them. And he tells me the second he pees in them. So, I guess that’s a good thing!

Lastly, his frustrations with lack of communication are at an all time high. And mine are through the roof as well.  Deep down I know they are only going to get worse. He has even started hitting his head with his hand if we don’t understand him. It is heartbreaking. Nothing will confuse a mom more than to see her child hit their own head. I border between anger and sadness with that one.

Tomorrow is a new week!


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