• When The World Isn’t Quite Right

    I’m sitting here in my office (hiding), and thinking about how crazy the world is right now. In fact, I keep trying to explain to my children that this has… Read More

  • Captain’s Log: Day 3, Social Distancing

    No one seems to be wearing pants anymore. One is in the hot tub at 8:30 am and is starting to resemble a Frat Boy. One is eating chocolate doughnuts.… Read More

  • My 10 Novel, and Not So Novel, Tips for SUCCESSFUL Self Distancing (survival)

    LOCK UP THE PANTRY: Yup, you read that right. If your children are anything like mine, they are always hungry. And on chaotic days with no real rhyme or reason,… Read More

  • Is My Son Happy?

    ‘Everyone has a different idea of what happiness looks like.’ Is my son happy? I think about that a lot. As do many parents of children who struggle to communicate.… Read More

  • Social Distancing With Autism

    I’m getting a tiny chuckle (with love of course) at the people panicking about social distancing. We have been social distancing for nine years. Not by choice of course. No… Read More

  • From Non-Verbal to Verbal

    I decided to take a much needed nap yesterday while my baby slept. You know that old saying…sleep when the baby sleeps? I was practicing that. For the first time… Read More

  • Never Give Up

    It’s funny how life seems to happen. And sometimes in the most bizarre ways. For nine years you social isolate, so much in fact, you almost forget how to socialize.… Read More

  • We’re On An Adventure

    I can’t tell you the last spontaneous thing we have done as a family. I reckon it’s been eight years. Trips and outings are planned meticulously to help our kiddo… Read More

  • Age is Just a Number

    Yesterday I was scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, as I usually do, when I saw a picture that stopped my finger mid-motion. It was a little girl I knew well. Her… Read More

  • Family Safety In The Car

    We used to not be able to safely ride in the car as a family. Let that sink in for a moment. We had to take two cars, Jamie and… Read More

  • Years Of Practice Will Bring Success

    We practice. I remember in the beginning feeling overwhelmed about all of the things my son needed to learn. Things that came seemingly easy for most children. Walking safely, using… Read More

  • The Beauty Of A Complicated Path

    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the paths that each of my boys will take as they grow up. Three sons. 9, 7 and 1. Cooper, my oldest, well,… Read More

  • Teaching Kids Kindness

    Before I had babies, and even when they were younger, I had preconceived notions of what I would teach them throughout their lives. I assumed how to walk. And talk.… Read More

  • A Letter to My Little Brother

    Hey brother, I’m hoping that someday I can say this all to you. But there is a chance that I might never be able to…I’m hoping that when you are… Read More

  • What We Won’t Do For Our Kids

    When I have kids they will never… Remember those thoughts? From before you had children of your own? I had them for sure. My two favorites were…I will never have… Read More

  • Fathers and First-Borns

    Jamie is often asked by dads of newly diagnosed boys…’was it hard not having the typical experiences with your first born?’ Jamie is so honest about it. So matter of… Read More

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