• Old Autism Mama

    If you are reading this, there is a good chance someone you know has autism.  Hi. My name is Carrie. I have five kids, and my second son, Jack, has… Read More

  • A Boy of No

    Once upon a time, there was a boy who always said no. When he was very small and didn’t have his words, he learned to sign it with his fingers.… Read More

  • How I Forgive

    Did you see that story about that school in New Jersey who left a student with Down Syndrome out of the yearbook? Her name is Glenda. She is twenty-one years… Read More

  • Hope, Shifting

    Hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation, to want something to happen or be true. –Merriam-Webster Dictionary In the beginning, I hoped he would outgrow it.  I hoped he would sleep… Read More

  • Remember Today

    Dear Mama, Do me a favor, and remember every detail of this day—all of the words, sights, and sounds. Remember the tone of the doctor’s voice, and the way the… Read More

  • May We Learn

    Hi. My name is Carrie. I have five kids, a handsome husband, and the best dog in the whole entire world. His name is Wolfie. My dog, not my husband.… Read More

  • It Started With Hope

    My story, like most stories, started with hope. Sixteen years ago, hope welled inside of me like an eternal spring of flowers, butterflies, and sunshine. Hi. My name is Carrie.… Read More

  • If He Get’s Sick

    Here in New Hampshire, we are on day 6,382,091 of quarantine. Okay, okay. I’m exaggerating. Its only day 5,847,235 of quarantine. Either way, it’s been a long time. Hi. My… Read More

  • Confessions of an Autism Mom

    For as long as I can remember, I wished I had a crystal so I could see into the future with my son Jack and his autism. I hated when… Read More

  • First, He is a Boy

    He is anxiety and rigidity and obsessiveness, cloaked within the velvet robes of a diagnosis. But first, he is a boy. He is letters on a page—black and white sentences… Read More

  • What I Want You To Know

    I stood at the stove the other day, stirring some soup I’d made from leftover Easter ham. My son Jack sat at the counter, reading the back of a DVD.… Read More

  • Sometimes, We Argue

    Hey buddy, I am sorry you heard Daddy and I argue tonight. I know it’s scary. But sometimes, people disagree. No, no one is getting a divorce. I promise. I… Read More

  • Crumbs on the Counter

    Hi. My name is Carrie. I am married to a man named Joe, and we have five kids. Our second son, Jack, is diagnosed with autism. Right now, we are… Read More

  • I Am Autism

    I am autism. I am funny loud big. Yet I am quiet. I am a slippery riddle—a puzzle piece upon the bumper of a car, a black sentence upon white… Read More

  • How Does He Feel Loved?

    This morning I listened to a radio show, where a doctor explained that in times of isolation and fear, we need to feel loved in order to feel safe. He… Read More

  • Love and Marriage and Our Son

    I have been married for twenty-one years. My husband Joe and I have five kids. Our second son has autism. He is fifteen. Now, I may not know much, but… Read More

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About Me
About Me

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. Welcome to my page!


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