• Behold, the Autism Mama

    My son Jack has autism.  He was born on Mother’s Day, in 2004.  Over the past sixteen-almost-seventeen-years, I have had to tell and re-tell his diagnosis so many times, I’ve… Read More

  • The Brightest Sky

    Hi. My name is Carrie. I have five kids. My second son, Jack, is diagnosed with autism. I used to think the hardest part of autism was the day we got… Read More

  • Why I Am Afraid

    I had a terrible dream the other night. My son Jack was walking up our driveway. He was crying—sobbing, actually—but he couldn’t tell me what was wrong.  I ran to… Read More

  • Telling the Story of a Boy with Autism

    When I walked into the store, you were standing in the produce section near the fruit. The first thing I noticed about you was your jacket. I love that color… Read More

  • Autism’s Fingerprints

    My name is Carrie, and I have five kids. My second son has autism. His name is Jack. He is sixteen. Autism impacts the way he eats, sleeps, learns, and… Read More

  • Where are the Trophies for Kids Like Him?

    The first time I explained my son Jack had autism, we were at the Bronx Zoo. He was about eighteen months old.  I was pregnant. The zoo was crowded. And… Read More

  • I Don’t Know Why

    Hi. My name is Carrie Cariello. I am married to a man named Joe. We have five children, and our second son, Jack, has autism.  Nearly seventeen years ago, I gave birth… Read More

  • Why Can’t You Be Normal?

    Why can’t you be more, well, normal? Have fun for a change! Blow bubbles in the summer breeze and chase waves in the ocean and jump into big piles of… Read More

  • Different, and Equal

    Hi. My name is Carrie. We’ve never met, but I read the news report about what happened to you at school, when your paraprofessional used a stapler to attach a… Read More

  • The Extraordinary Goodness All Around Us

    Hi. My name is Carrie. I have five kids, and my second son has autism. His name is Jack.  Jack is sixteen years old now. Theoretically, he is a junior… Read More

  • May You Always Know How Much You’ll be Missed

    Nearly every day we get a letter, or an email. Some have good news, some carry rejection. Like a version of the infamous Dr. Seuss poem, the messages and envelopes… Read More

  • The Tender Things

    Mama, what is a family? A family? Well, my child A family is at once The easiest And the hardest Thing to build Think of it as a garden Maybe… Read More

  • Someone I’m With has Autism

    The other day I took my son Jack to the dermatologist. It was a routine visit, nothing out of the ordinary. I did what I always do when it comes… Read More

  • What Autism Brings Us

    Hi. My name is Carrie.  I have five kids, and my second son has autism. His name is Jack. He is sixteen years old.  For me, autism brings a trifecta… Read More

  • The Lessons He Teaches us

    My husband and I work very hard to teach our son Jack practical life lessons. How to make breakfast, change a light bulb, feed the dog, get the mail—stuff like… Read More

  • When it Snows

    Research says people with autism often struggle with crushing anxiety, and may have a hard time forging meaningful connections with family, friends, and various social groups.  When I read things… Read More

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About Me
About Me

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. Welcome to my page!


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