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  • The Beginning-Part 3

    At this point Cooper was 2. It was really apparent that Cooper wasn’t babbling. He communicated but in his own way. If he wanted something he would grab our hand… Read More

  • The Beginning-Part 2

    The Help Me Grow (HMG) program came to our house when Cooper was 14 months or so. Everything with Cooper seemed right on track except for the language. As I said… Read More

  • The Beginning

    I know when I tell Cooper’s story I need to start from the very beginning. When I am frantically searching for blogs that have to do with Apraxia, Autism, Sensory… Read More

  • Cooper and Mama

    This picture describes everything that is Cooper. A perfect little devil. Read More

  • Cooper is just Cooper

    This is Cooper. How can you not love that face. He is sweet and naughty and sassy and smart and all the qualities you want in a little boy. But… Read More

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About Me
About Me

Hi, I'm Kate. I am the mother to a little boy with severe, nonverbal Autism. This is a glimpse into our heartwarming, sad, scary, funny, loving and secret world. Check out my video tab to hear me ramble about Autism.


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Confessions of A Special Needs Parent
Confessions of A Special Needs Parent

“I’m not planning for college. Instead I’m planning a way to pay for his care for the rest of his life.”