November 2021

  • That’s Autism

    Here is what I will tell you. We just went to a Christmas light show. One that you walk through with music and people and wind off the lake and… Read More

  • Thank You to the Businesses that Think About the Disabled Community

    Before I entered the world of autism, I was oblivious to a lot of things. I foolishly assumed that all kids went to restaurants, and used public restrooms and even… Read More

  • I Prayed for This

    I just went upstairs to tell three little boys to settle down. But before, I paused at the door. Peeking into their world. There was giggling. And fart noises I… Read More

  • Am I Confident?

    Being a confident mother to a child with a disability didn’t always come natural to me. Even though it may appear that way. On social media. Or if you see… Read More

  • I’m Starting to Forget

    I’m starting to forget. The other day, over coffee, I chatted with a mom whose daughter was just diagnosed with autism and a few other things. Epilepsy. Language disorder. The… Read More

  • Normalizing Our World

    I found myself sitting next to a woman today. I was out in the community. She has three children and seven grandkids. She lives in a big city. She is… Read More

  • Have Faith

    I should be at church right now. There are a whole lotta reasons why I’m not. Anyhow, I’m sitting here, drinking coffee, watching two of my boys play, and thinking… Read More

  • The Most Memorable Moments

    I’ve learned as I’ve aged that the biggest, most memorable moments of our lives, are often the ones we least expect. Of course a wedding, the birth of our babies,… Read More

  • His Beautiful Soul

    Yesterday, I drove my middle son Sawyer to school. He typically rides the bus but he wanted to donate a handful of toys to the toy drive his school was… Read More

  • Special Needs Parenting Changes Everything

    Special needs parenting changes us entirely. There is no denying that. Because the truth is — the first few years are going to pull you so far away from who… Read More

  • They Don’t Need Words

    These two had it out last night. Like brothers have been known to do. It was over an iPad. There was a truck involved too. Lots of screaming and wrestling.… Read More

  • Because of Her, He’s a Better Man

    My Dad isn’t who he used to be. When my daughter Evie came along, he changed. As if by magic, he started to notice things he hadn’t noticed before. He… Read More

  • How am I Supposed to not Miss Him

    I brought my son Sawyer to skate night last night. A school event at a local roller skating rink. There was pizza and music and arcade games. Kindergarten through fifth… Read More

  • Control What You can Control

    I had the honor of speaking to a room full of mothers a few weekends ago. To say it was a group of amazing women is an understatement. These moms… Read More

  • I Just Live It

    We were sitting with the realtor about to discuss what we were looking for in a new home. I know she wanted to know about bedrooms and bathrooms and location.… Read More

  • Never Count These Kids Out

    When covid hit, much like everyone else, our world was turned upside down. Schools closed. Jobs moved in-house. Daycare paused. We hunkered down. We all became overly familiar with Zoom.… Read More

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About Me

Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. Welcome to my page!


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