The Gift of Communication

Before I was blessed with my oldest son Cooper, I knew nothing of nonverbal. In fact, I assumed everyone talked. And if they didn’t speak, I assumed they communicated in some way.  

Cooper, who is now almost 10, was diagnosed with autism at age 3. Back then, I didn’t have any idea what the future held for him. But I did think, without a doubt, eventually, words would come.

So, you can imagine my shock when a therapist gently explained to me that my son may never learn to speak. And that the focus needed to instead be communication.

Communication is vital. It’s everything.

Communication reduces frustration, behaviors, and aggressions. Communication brings a person into our world and gives them the opportunity to be heard.

She suggested we try a speech device, a form of assistive technology, for Cooper. He was just four years old.

Initially it was a no from us. The worries and concerns were just too high. And this mama’s heart wasn’t quite ready to think about a life without verbal language.

We thought for sure a speech device would limit what little speech he had. We thought he would get bullied. We thought a device would get broken. We worried it may not work. We worried about the cost. And lastly, we felt like it would be ‘one more thing’ added to our already full plate.

Thankfully, we were wrong about most of our initial concerns and worries.

Once we implemented the device, we saw lowered frustrations, less behaviors, and aggressions. We saw an increase in happiness and an increase in his desire to communicate.

It’s been nearly 5 years and I am still thankful for the speech therapist who recommended we get a speech device. And I am still so thankful for Talk to Me Technologies, the company who helped us every step of the way in obtaining a device and implementing as well.

Cooper is now somewhat fluent with his device. It didn’t happen overnight, and it was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it. Our son can ask for food, drink, birthday parties, Santa, and tell us where he wants to go. He can type with his device. He can describe and explain. He can ask questions.

It’s opened up a part of his world that was once hidden.

Many parents ask me how to get a speech device like Cooper’s. We worked with Talk to Me Technologies. Click HERE to contact them.

The same parents also ask me if it’s worth getting a dedicated device like Cooper’s or if they can have the same success just by downloading an app on a current ipad.  

Here is my opinion. Implementing anything new with our son has always been a challenge. We need all the support we can get. Companies like Talk to Me Technologies can do this for you. They set you and your children up for success.

They offer training and support. They allow people to trial devices to determine the best one for them. They personalize the chosen device for the user. They offer an amazing warranty. They assist in tackling funding and insurance. And they offer consultation.

Essentially, they are a team for your family.

I still don’t know what the future holds for Cooper. But I do know that giving him the gift of communication significantly improved his life.

Visit to learn more!

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