July 2017

  • Autism’s Effects on Siblings

    I have two amazing little boys. Cooper is six and Sawyer is four. I always dreamt of having a huge family. I thought for sure I’d have at least four… Read More

  • When Your Child’s Disability Consumes You

    A reader asked me yesterday…’My son has autism and I’m not depressed. I know that. But I feel like his disability is consuming me. Help me please. Why is this… Read More

  • I Am That Mom

    I am that mom. The one you see running around at the park, covered in sweat, and continuously redoing her pony tail. The one climbing to the top of the… Read More

  • Autism and Regression

    Hey all. Yesterday we had a heartbreaking day and it hit our family pretty hard. And to make it worse it seems that something is super ‘off’ with Cooper. We… Read More

  • The Night My Boys Became Brothers

    I have two sons, Cooper is six and Sawyer is four. They are both blonde, adorable, strong-willed, and funny. They are both obsessed with their mama. They are loud. They… Read More

  • This is Going to be Okay…

    Most days I think this is going to be alright. I can give my autistic, nonverbal son the best life ever. He can live with mom and dad forever and… Read More

  • Autism and Supplements

    When my son was first diagnosed with Autism I was inundated with information. It seemed like everyone I met knew something about Autism. And a few even seemed to know… Read More

About Me
About Me

Hi, I'm Kate. I am the mother to a little boy with severe, nonverbal Autism. This is a glimpse into our heartwarming, sad, scary, funny, loving and secret world. Check out my video tab to hear me ramble about Autism.


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Confessions of A Special Needs Parent
Confessions of A Special Needs Parent

“I’m not planning for college. Instead I’m planning a way to pay for his care for the rest of his life.”