Things That Only Happen To Me.

91c9d43d57809aeb7c83719ea33c0673As you get to know me through my blog you are going to start to recognize a trend. Absolutely humiliating things happen to me ALL THE TIME! Click HERE to read about the time Cooper opened the door when I was peeing and I made direct eye contact with an equally mortified man.

So yesterday I met a few girlfriends for lunch at a local restaurant.  On the drive over I noticed that my stomach hurt…like, really hurt. Making gurgle noises hurt. (Think Dumb and Dumber) I was the first to arrive so I went right to the bathroom. I sat down and was doing my business when there was a LOUD knock on the door and a man yells out ‘maintenance, anyone in there?’

EEK! I replied with ‘yes, I’m in here.’

Dumb and DumberI finished up knowing that this man was waiting. I could just sense his presence. I go to flush the toilet and NO GO. Cue sweating and internal freak out. I seriously tried to flush 3 times and nothing.

I see a plunger and go to grab it and it is like locked in a case. WTF?!? Who locks up the plunger???

I realized my fate. I have to leave this bathroom with the toilet plugged and walk by a man that is going to have to clean it up.

I open the door and there he is.

I ate lunch with my girlfriends and we all had a huge laugh about my ‘situation.’ And I ‘shit’ you not the man walked by our table 10 times!!!!

I am pretty sure that my picture is up on the door of the restaurant as a ‘not welcome’ person!!!

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